• Nicole Staples

    Nicole Staples


    Nicole is a passionate Interior Designer with a keen interest in sustainable living and sustainability in design. With a strong background in residential construction and renovation, Nicole enjoys creating unique spaces that reflect a client's persona through product, texture and materiality. With a background in Project Management, Nicole has a sound attention to detail, ensuring that all of the i's are dotted before a project goes to site!

  • Natalie Harding

    Natalie Harding


    Working in all sectors of the building industry it has given Natalie a unique understanding in designing a personalised space.  From selling building materials to designing and project managing, Natalie has had the privilege of guiding many people through what they thought would be their most stressful time. Natalie enjoys helping others put their personality into their homes, taking into consideration the materials, colour & space awareness that best suits their individual needs.